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How many calories can I eat on fasting days?

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On fasting days, you should eat a maximum of 500-600 kcal spread over 2 meals. We recommend a lot of vegetables, some fruit, a good portion of protein, healthy fats and plenty of water, vegetable broth, and unsweetened tea. A small glass of buttermilk is also an option for fasting days, as it contains only about 40 kcal per 100 ml and provides valuable nutrients such as protein and calcium.

In general, make sure you do not exceed 500-600 kcal per day and choose food that will fill you up for a long time and is low in calories.

Each body is different and not everyone is able to cope the same way with our recommendations. Always try to listen to your body and check regularly if the measures taken are appropriate and effective for you. If necessary, seek additional professional support from your doctor or nutritionist.

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