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How does the Diary search bar work?

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The search bar in the YAZIO app Diary is based on complex logic created to deliver the most suitable results. That means your favorite foods, meals and recipes will be shown higher in the results and are based on the time of day.

What can I find with the search bar?

When you want to log a food in the app, you can use the search bar. You can search using the food name or producer to find the desired product. In addition, you can also search for meals you’ve created and YAZIO recipes you’ve marked as Favorites.

How do I filter my search?

You can specify and refine your search using various filters. To do so, start by searching for a term. You will then see the available filters displayed under the search bar:

  • Verified: Only foods with verified nutrition facts will be displayed.
  • Favorites: Recipes and foods you’ve marked as Favorites will be displayed.
  • Created by me: Foods, recipes and meals you’ve created will be displayed.

What do the various symbols next to the results mean?

Several symbols will make your search easier when searching for foods, recipes and meals. This way, you’ll know at first glance if a food is verified, marked as a Favorite or is one you’ve recently logged.

  • Verified (blue checkmark): This item has been verified by us. You can find it under Foods.
  • Favorite (gold star): You have marked this item as a Favorite. You can find it under Recipes and Foods.
  • Recently logged: You recently added this item to your Diary. You can find it under Recipes, Meals and Foods.

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