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How can I change portion sizes and units of measurement?

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Are there different portion sizes?

You can choose from various portion sizes for each item in our food database. For each entry, we try our best to provide as many possible portion sizes, e.g., "Teaspoon" or "Cup", as possible. If an option is unavailable, it is always possible to weigh the item and enter it in units such as grams or milliliters. We are continuously working to improve and expand our food database.

Do you want to create your own food in the app?

When you create your own food entry in the app, you can decide which portion you want to use. As long as you do not make the item visible to other users, you can edit the entry at any time. 

Do you want to edit a public food from the database?

As soon as you add a food item from our database to your diary, the selected portion size and amount will be saved and automatically suggested the next time you add the same item. Unfortunately, editing or adding additional portion information is currently unavailable. In this case, you will need to create the food item again.

Do you want to change the unit of measurement in your Profile?

If you would like to change the unit, for example, from grams and milliliters to ounces and fluid ounces, you can do so as follows:

  1. Switch to the Profile section account-circle__1_.png
  2. Go to the Settings settings.png.
  3. Select "Units" and then "Servings".
  4. Selected the desired unit of measure.

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