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I am pregnant/breastfeeding. Can I customize the app to my needs?

First of all: It is, of course, still possible to use YAZIO in order to support a healthy diet!

Should you be eating for 2? Definitely not!

Eating significantly more calories could lead to unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy. Your body doesn't require extra energy for the baby until the fourth month. In the second trimester, you should shoot for 250 Calories more per day. In the third trimester, you can increase to 500 Calories more per day.

While breastfeeding, your body requires approx. 400-600 extra Calories per day. You can reach these needs with 1 to 2 additional snacks between meals. Your body will produce milk that best nourishes your baby. All necessary nutrients and immunologic substances will find their way into the milk. If you've consumed too few nutrients, your body will use its reserves for milk production.

You can always change your calorie goal manually at any time and adjust it to your needs:

The option can be found here:

  1. Android: Switch to the Profile tab account-circle__1_.png/ iOS: Click on "More" and then on "Profile".  
  2. Navigate to "Settings" settings.png.
  3. Choose "My Goals" and "Calorie Goal".
  4. Edit your Calorie Goal as desired.

Also, have a look at the Coach section in our app! We offer various meal plans for pregnant or breastfeeding users. 

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