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What are “remaining” calories? Do I need to consume them?

Based on your overall goal, the app will calculate a specific calorie goal for you. To achieve your desired weight change, you should try your best to reach this exact goal without going too far over or under it. The calorie deficit required for weight loss or the calorie surplus required for muscle building is already built into the total calorie goal, so you don’t need to calculate anything yourself.

In addition, you will also see your “remaining” calories at the top in the middle of your diary. This will change throughout the day as you continue to log foods and activities. Consumed calories are subtracted from your remaining calories. Calories burned throughout activities, on the other hand, will increase your energy needs and will therefore be added to your remaining calories.

You can decide whether or not you would like to consume the additional calories earned through activities.

Is it bad if you haven’t consumed all available calories?

That all depends on how many calories you have left over. A large calorie deficit, for example, can actually hinder your weight loss. Try not to fall more than 200-300 kcal below your target. If you are consuming too few calories, your body may begin to break down muscle to maintain the energy it needs to function. At the same time, less muscle means your body requires fewer calories and weight loss will stall from the same calorie intake.

In any case, you should not fall below 1000 calories for more than several days or your body will no longer receive a sufficient supply of nutrients.

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