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Streak feature: Functionality and boost for your goals

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What are streaks?

A "streak" refers to a consecutive number of days in which a user has tracked a product in the app. For example, if a user logged their meals for 5 consecutive days, they are on a "5-day streak 🔥”

This newly introduced feature is designed to make the process of tracking foods and calorie counting more fun and rewarding. Additionally, our streak feature is meant to support our users in creating or maintaining healthy habits and therefore achieve their desired goals more efficiently.

This feature is available to all users of the app.


How do I maintain a streak?

Daily calorie tracking is required to maintain the streak. All you need to do is enter or track a product. You can check your current streak by clicking on the “flame” icon at the top right of your diary.

Please note that your streak starts at 1, regardless of how long you have been active on YAZIO.


What if I don’t track my food every day?

We understand that everyone's journey to a healthy nutrition and wellbeing may follow different paths. Some people may not resonate with the idea of monitoring their food intake every day.

However, regarding our streak feature, if you don’t track at least one product on a daily basis, you will unfortunately lose the streak. You will notice this has happened when the flame in your diary turns gray and resets to 0.


Will I get notified before I lose my streak?

Every evening you will be reminded to save your streak if no entries have been made in the app. Please keep in mind that your meal reminders are independent from the streak notification. If you have set up your meal reminders in the settings of the YAZIO app, you will receive them as usual.


We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO.

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