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What do the red and green colors in the Diary indicate?

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In the app’s calendar, each day will be marked with either a red or green check mark. In addition, the summary card will also be shown in red or green.   

The explanation for the colors is simple: A color is determined by comparing your calorie goal, overall goal, and activities with the calories you’ve consumed for the day.

Lose Weight and Maintain Weight:

Red = You have exceeded your calorie goal, and your logged activities were not enough to balance out your calorie count.

Green = You have remained under your calorie goal and still have leftover calories. The summary card will also be shown in green if you have only minimally (up to 2%) exceeded your goal.

Build Muscle:

Red = You have not yet reached your calorie goal for the day.

Green = You have reached or exceeded your calorie goal. The summary card will be shown in green as soon as you have reached 98% of your calorie goal.

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