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Resetting my password doesn't work, what can I do?

Is your new password not working?

It’s likely due to the different between a lowercase “l” (such as “love”) and an uppercase “I” (such as “International”). If this is the case, please request a new password.

You don't receive an email after you requested a new password?

Please be patient for a little while, because your email provider might take a bit longer to deliver or display your new emails. Besides your main inbox, please also check other folders in your email account, especially the junk / advertising folder. Your email could be mistakenly placed there.

If the email still doesn't appear, please try to request a new password once again. Make sure that your email address doesn't have any typos.

Your email address is not accepted when you try to reset the password?

If you get an error despite having entered the correct email address, stating that your email address is wrong or doesn't exist, there might already have been a typo at the registration. In this case, please submit a request in our Help Center or send us an email to help@yazio.com. We will then try to find the typo.

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