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How do I delete my user account?

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You can delete your user account directly in the app:

  1. Switch to the Profile tab account-circle__1_.png.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” settings.png.
  3. Click on "Account", then select "Reset" and "Delete Account".
  4. Confirm your desired action once again.
  5. You will receive an e-mail to the address you used to register for YAZIO. Please follow the link to delete your account permanently. 

Please Note: If you request the deletion of your account, all of your entered data will be deleted permanently. Even if you reregister, your old data will no longer be available.

If you have a PRO subscription, it will not be cancelled when you delete your account or uninstall the app. Please also follow the instructions on how to cancel your PRO subscription.


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Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact Max by clicking on the chat symbol at the bottom right of your screen. 💬

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