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I want to start from scratch and delete all entries. How does that work?

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With our "Reset Account" feature, all diary entries, as well as your created foods, favorites, meals, and recipes, will be deleted. Your diary will start at "Week 1" and you will see everything as if it were the first day.

Your personal data and goals will remain saved. You can always change these in your Profile and Goal Settings. Your PRO status will also remain the same.

You can reset your account as follows:

  1. Switch to the Profile tab account-circle__1_.png 
  2. Navigate to "Settings" settings.png
  3. Click on "Account", then select "Reset" and "Reset Account".
  4. Confirm your desired action once again.
  5. Your data will be deleted and the app will restart.

Please note: To prevent misuse, we’ve restricted the number of possible resets to 5 within 30 days. If you receive such a message, please be patient and try again later.


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