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What is the difference between a meal and a recipe in YAZIO?

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In the YAZIO app, it is possible to create both meals and recipes.

Meals consist of typical food combinations that you would always add as a single entry to your Diary. For example, a cup of coffee with 10ml of milk or a sandwich with 5g of jam. You can simply add these food combinations to your Diary as one single meal. 

If you want to add only a part of a meal to your Diary, select the meal and then choose only the food you want to add. However, it is not possible to adjust the quantities of the individual meals once you've added them to your Diary.

On the other hand, recipes allow you to create portions and add recipe steps for preparation. If you want to add a recipe to the Diary, you can select the desired quantity and enter either a specific number of servings or a quantity in grams. If you made a mistake when creating a recipe, you can edit it later.

You need to remember that a meal is always considered as one serving, while recipes include several portions. You can choose if you'd like to add either the number of portions or the weight of your recipe to your Diary.

For a more accurate result, we recommend the recipe function, as it allows you to add the exact weight of your food. However, for quickly adding food to your Diary, we recommend the meal function, since you can briefly sum up your food and you don't need to add any further steps or descriptions.

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