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Why does it make sense to count calories?

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Counting calories helps you establish a kind of feedback system for your daily diet and to get a better feeling for the calorific value of certain foods, which then also lets you better compare them with each other.

This lets you get a great overview of your diet and eating habits and perfectly adjust them to fit your goals such as losing weight or building muscle mass. Counting calories will help you learn a lot about your eating habits and identify and change bad habits. Also, you will have much more control, which will enable you to reach your goals more easily.

By documenting everything on a regular basis you will also quickly learn to stay within your calorie goal and realize how flexible you are while doing so. The daily tracking will help you to identify deviations and react accordingly.

The most important part about counting calories is to be completely honest with yourself and really track EVERYTHING every day. It doesn’t necessarily feel good to see exactly why you didn’t meet your calorie goal but this will give you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and to do better next time.

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