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Why does it make sense to count calories?

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Counting calories is a method that can help increase the understanding of nutrition and the composition of different foods. This can help you make informed choices when planning your meals to meet your health goals.

Also, counting calories can help you choose the foods and nutrients needed to achieve a specific goal. For example, you can understand which foods nourish your body and which ones you need to recover best after a training session.

Additionally, keeping a record of what you eat may help you identify patterns that could affect your overall health. This method can help you recognize foods and nutritional behaviors that might not make you feel good or decrease your well-being. This way, you can react accordingly and change your behavior.

It is vital to approach this process with compassion and without judgment. Being honest with yourself about your food choices is essential to learning how to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. Still, it is also important to prioritize your mental well-being and self-care by avoiding obsessive tracking or negative self-talk.

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