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Which activity level should I choose?

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You can set your activity level in the profile settings under My Goals. Are you wondering which of the options is best for you?
Keep in mind that the activity level only refers to your daily work routine. Instead, you can enter your workouts directly into your Diary every day or transfer them automatically from your fitness tracker.
The activity level can be considered as follows: 
  • Low: Mostly sitting (e.g., Office job)
  • Moderate: Mostly standing (e.g. Teacher)
  • High: Mostly walking (e.g. Salesperson)
  • Very High: Manual labor (e.g., Construction worker)
Please Note:
If you transfer all your steps during the day (including work-related steps) with a fitness tracker, it is possible that your steps will be counted twice. In this case, we recommend you choose the low activity level in the goal settings and recalculate your calorie goal.

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