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Where do I track my drinks?

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Would you like to record and evaluate your hydration?

In order to make sure you are getting enough liquid, we’ve built a Water Tracker into the app. Not only can you use the Water Tracker water, but for other drinks as well.

  1. Switch to your Diary book-minus.png
  2. Scroll down on your Diary page until you see the Water Tracker. 
  3. Click on one or more of the glasses to add them to your count. 

Can’t you find the water tracker?

Then you may have hidden it: 

  1. Switch to the Profile Tab account-circle__1_.png 
  2. Go to Settings settings.png.
  3. Click on "Diary & Water Tracker".
  4. Make sure that the option “Show Water Tracker” is enabled. 

If you just dismissed your Water Tracker “for today”, the only way to recover it on the same day is to reinstall YAZIO. Otherwise, it will automatically be back tomorrow. 

Would you also like to record the calories and nutritional values of your drinks?

If a beverage contains calories, you should also add it to your Diary. In particular, soft drinks contain quite a few calories. 

In this case, you can choose a meal category that fits best. If you drink a calorie-containing beverage for breakfast, we recommend logging it under “Breakfast”. On the other hand, drinks that were consumed throughout the day could be added under “Snacks”, for example. 

We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO.

Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact Max by clicking on the chat symbol at the bottom right of your screen. 💬

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