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How can I delete my user account?

You don't want to use YAZIO any longer and want to delete your user account permanently?

In this case, please send a short email to help@yazio.com. It’s absolutely necessary that you provide us with the e-mail address which you used to register at YAZIO. You can check it in your Account Settings.

To improve the YAZIO app for our users, we would appreciate if you let us know why you want to delete your account or what you don’t like about the app.

Please bear in mind that it can take a couple of days until you receive a confirmation e-mail.

Please Note: If you request the deletion of your account, all of your entered data will be deleted permanently. Even in case of a re-registration, your old data will no longer be available.
If you have a PRO subscription, it will not be cancelled by the deletion of your account. So please also follow our corresponding instructions to cancel the PRO subscription.

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