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How can I record my current weight?

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How can I adjust my starting weight?

You can change the starting weight you entered when setting up your YAZIO profile as follows:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings > My Goals > Starting Weight.
  2. Enter the correct value and click on "Save".
  3. Then go to your YAZIO Diary and click on the calendar icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Now go back to the day you set up your YAZIO profile and select it.
  5. Then scroll down in the Diary for this day to the section "Measurements".
  6. Correct your starting weight using the "+" and "-" icons.
  7. Then go to Profile > Settings > My Goals > Calorie Goal and select "Recalculate Calorie Goal" to adjust your calorie goal to your adjusted start weight.

Please keep in mind that you should only correct your starting weight if you accidentally entered an incorrect starting weight when you first started using the app. However, if your weight has changed over time due to a loss or gain, then you should adjust your current weight and not your starting weight.

How can I adjust my current weight?

You can record your current weight directly in the "Measurements" section of your YAZIO Diary. Here, you can easily adjust your weight using the "+" and "-" symbols.

However, you can also automatically transfer your current body weight to YAZIO from a fitness tracker. For that, you need a working connection between YAZIO and the corresponding third-party app and you must ensure to enable the respective permission.

Here, you can find an overview of all third-party apps that can be directly connected to YAZIO.

You can get a detailed overview of your progress regarding your weight under Profile > Analysis > Weight. Here, you get an insight into the development of your weight on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How can I change my goal weight?

You can change not only your starting and current weight but also your goal weight. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Profile > Settings > My Goals > Goal Weight.
  2. Enter your desired goal weight and confirm the change by clicking "Save". You will then automatically receive a recommendation to recalculate your calorie target.
  3. Please confirm this with "Yes" if you use an iOS device or "Save" on an Android device.

Alternatively, you can adjust your weekly weight loss or gain goal in Profile > Settings > My Goals > Weekly Goal. However, it is not possible to enter a weight loss or gain goal higher than 1 kg per week, as we would like to help you achieve your goal weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Thank you for your understanding!

We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO. 

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