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What is the YAZIO Buddies Feature?

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What can I do with the Buddies feature?

Under “Buddies” within the Profile tab, you can connect with other YAZIO users. Here you will have a daily overview of your buddies’ calorie intake, remaining calories, their current goal and their daily step count (if the user tracks this).

Where can I see my buddies in the app?

You can view or edit your Buddies list as follows:

  1. Switch to the Profile tab.
  2. Select “Buddies” at the top of the screen.
  3. Here, you can see your list of added buddies.

What is the Buddies Detail Page?

If you select one of your buddies, you will come to their detail page. Here, you will have an overview of their goals. Scroll down, and you’ll see the section “Stronger Together”, where you can see a comparison of your current data. You will see this information if the user has a fasting tracker activated. You’ll also see your buddy’s favorite recipes.

How do I invite a buddy or accept a buddy request?

You can invite buddies as follows:

  1. Under the Profile tab, select “Buddies”.
  2. Select “Add Buddies”.
  3. Select the platform you’d like to use to send the invite. This will create a link.
  4. The other user must click on this link and select “Accept”.
  5. You will now appear in each others’ Buddies overview.

If you’ve received a link request to be added as a buddy, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the link.
  2. The YAZIO app will open automatically (if the app is installed).
  3. You will see a notification for the buddy request. You will have the option to “Accept” or “Decline” the request.
  4. Click “Accept”.
  5. The user will now appear in your Buddies list.

You can add or accept a maximum of 10 buddies. To add someone new, you will first have to remove an existing buddy.

Please note: Each invitation link can only be used once. After it has been accepted by one person, the link will no longer be valid. To invite additional Buddies, you’ll need to create new invitation links.

What information will be shared between buddies?

If you send a Buddy request, please keep in mind that you are sharing personal information with the respective user. Below, you will find a list of the information your buddy will have access to if it has been logged in your Diary:

  • First name
  • Age
  • City
  • YAZIO status (PRO)
  • Dietary preference
  • Goal
  • Current weight, weight progress and goal weight
  • Calorie intake and active energy
  • Calories over or remaining
  • Macronutrient overview
  • Steps
  • Activities
  • Water intake
  • Fasting details
  • Favorite recipes

How can I stop sharing information with my buddy?

To stop sharing information with your buddies, you must remove them from your Buddies List. 

  1. Select “Buddies” under the Profile tab.
  2. Select the buddy you’d like to remove.
  3. Tap the three dots “...” in the upper right corner.
  4. Select “Remove buddy”.

Please note: Once you remove a buddy, they will no longer appear in your Buddies overview. The user will not be notified of this action.


We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO.

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