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What reminders are there and how can I activate them?

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In case you’re looking for additional support, you can activate reminders for various events in the YAZIO app. You can find these in Profile > Settings > Reminders. By clicking on the ruler, you can (de-)activate reminders for the following categories:

  • Meals
    Here, you can set the time of the reminder for every meal individually.
  • Weigh-In
    Aside from the specific time of the notification, you can also choose how frequently you want to be reminded of the weigh-in - either daily or only on one specific day per week.
  • Water
  • Fasting Times
  • Fasting Stages
  • Coach Tips

Note: In order to receive reminders from YAZIO on your smartphone or tablet, you have to grant the respective permissions to the YAZIO app in the settings of your device.


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