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I want to switch the operating system (iOS/Android). What happens to my PRO subscription?

Do you want to switch between Android and iOS, or do you own a second mobile device with a different OS and you’re asking yourself, what will happen to your PRO subscription? 

If you have already registered an account with YAZIO, your subscription will always be linked to your account. If this is your case, then you can easily sign in to YAZIO with your existing account and password after you have downloaded the app on your new device. Please make sure that you select “Login” and do not use the app accidentally without registration, because then neither your PRO status nor your data history would be available. 

If your data or your PRO status are still not available, then please click here and follow the suggested steps. 

If you are using YAZIO without being registered, then unfortunately it is not possible for you to transfer the subscription to a device with a different operating system. In this case, your data history would also be lost and we therefore recommend that you save your profile before switching devices. In this way, both your data and your PRO subscription are secure and nothing stands in the way of using them on another device. 

To save your profile, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Profile section account-circle__1_.png
  2. Click on “Save Profile”.
  3. Enter your desired email and password.
  4. Your profile is now secure! You can now log in with your data on other devices.  

Please Note: If you would like to cancel the subscription, you must follow these steps. If you no longer have access to iTunes or Google Play after switching devices, we recommend cancelling your subscription before you switch, so that you do not experience problems later. 

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