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Why do I have to pay for YAZIO PRO?

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Why isn’t YAZIO completely free? Why do we ask you to pay for YAZIO PRO when other apps are free? Oh, but they’re not!

Here, you can find our top three reasons why YAZIO PRO is not free of charge. 

1. No app is free, not even Facebook!

Unfortunately, the myth of “free apps” is still floating around. To be clear, there’s just no such thing. That’s because the work put into the app isn’t free. Behind every app is a dedicated team working daily to improve and further develop it, which is also the case for YAZIO. 

If an app is 100% free, that means the user (yes, YOU) pays:

  • With their personal information, which is then used for advertising purposes (e.g., Facebook or Google)
    If you don’t pay anything for an app or internet offer, you’re not the customer… You’re the product! The provider earns money from your data through advertisements or by passing it on to other companies. Your data is analyzed so that ads can be directly targeted to you. At YAZIO, however, we’ve committed to only asking for and saving relevant and essential data for app usage. We do not sell your data to any third parties!

  • Through a “Freemium” model
    This term is a combination of both “Free” and “Premium”. That means the most important app functions are free for the users, while more extensive features and detailed information cost you a small amount of money for a particular time. That’s precisely the model that YAZIO PRO is based on. All calorie-counting functions of the app will always be free. Only if you want access to additional values, features and our extensive recipe database do you need YAZIO PRO. You get to decide: Are the simple calorie counter functions enough for you, or do you want to get more out of your nutrition and use our additional functions that are improved, expanded and developed daily?

For YAZIO PRO, you pay a set price to access all features. We DO NOT show advertisements and DO NOT sell your data to third parties.

2. Great value for your money!

How much does YAZIO PRO cost compared to diet products, a gym membership or a personal nutritionist? Most of these cost much more than $100 per year. Sometimes more. Compared to that, YAZIO PRO is much more affordable. 

While we’re not saying that having YAZIO PRO and a personal nutritionist are the same, there are plenty of different ways to maintain a healthy diet. Even with a nutritionist, you still need to keep a daily food log (usually with a pencil and paper). YAZIO does this for you. Plus, it offers you a self-made database full of recipes and plenty of other useful information and motivation for a healthy diet.

With YAZIO PRO, you get tons of features and hundreds of recipes at an affordable price.

3. Quality, Quality, Quality!

When you pay for YAZIO PRO, you’re supporting our YAZIO team and ensuring the continuous development of the app and its content. For all of this, quality is extremely important to us! You won’t find any copy-pasted nutrition information. Instead, we have directly and carefully selected, cooked, eaten and photographed every text and recipe. With more than 10 years of expert knowledge and experience in nutrition app development, you can be sure you’re getting only the best!

YAZIO means premium content: "Made in Germany"

Sounds good? Then start right away with your YAZIO PRO plan!

More information: The advantages of YAZIO PRO.


We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO.

Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact Max by clicking on the chat symbol at the bottom right of your screen. 💬

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