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YAZIO and Samsung Health

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Data sync overview

Samsung Health to YAZIO:

  • Steps, training activities, and burned calories
  • Various body values

YAZIO to Samsung Health:

  • Tracked foods
  • Nutritional information

Connection requirements

To establish a connection:

  • Make sure you have a YAZIO PRO subscription.
  • Download the Samsung Health app and register an account.
  • Activate the connection under Automatic Tracking in your YAZIO Profile.
  • Grant all permissions to YAZIO in your Samsung Health app via Menu > Settings > Data permissions > YAZIO.
  • In exceptional cases, you may need to restart your apps and devices.

Syncing process

Due to changes in Samsung Health's data-sharing policies, YAZIO doesn’t receive a total of calories burned through activities but instead calculates the burned calories as follows:

The calories in your step counter in YAZIO should be the same as those shown in S-Health in Steps > Calories burnt. If steps or calories are missing in the step counter in YAZIO, these might be listed in the Activities section as separate activities. This helps avoid steps from activities being counted twice.

The total calories from activities below the step counter in YAZIO should be the same as the sum of the calories burned through exercise in S-Health, which you can see in Exercise > View history.

Since YAZIO relies on these separate values rather than a direct total from Samsung Health, there can be slight discrepancies between YAZIO and Samsung Health.

Avoiding double-counting steps in your workouts

Double-counting steps can sometimes happen. This typically occurs when Samsung Health hasn't aligned a recorded activity with a specific step count. Unfortunately, we cannot correctly process this value in such a case.

To mitigate this issue:

  • Deactivate Auto-Tracking for Workouts in Samsung Health (Settings > Auto detect workouts).

Should this not solve the problem, we recommend contacting Samsung Health's customer support. Unfortunately, we don’t receive any specific data from them.

Troubleshooting data transfer

There’s no data on my Samsung Health dashboard

  1. Check the connection between the Samsung Health app and your fitness tracker. YAZIO can only receive data that is available in the Samsung Health app.
  2. As YAZIO always transfers all steps, ensure that you have selected All steps in Samsung Health under Steps > Three dots in the upper right corner > Selecting the step data to be displayed > All steps.

YAZIO is not listed in Samsung Health, or some permissions are missing

  1. Disconnect Samsung Health from YAZIO (Profile > Automatic Tracking).
  2. Uninstall and reinstall YAZIO.
  3. Connect Samsung Health to YAZIO.
  4. You should now receive a request from YAZIO concerning your Samsung Health data. Please select All permissions.

My data is not transferring

  1. Disconnect Samsung Health from YAZIO.
  2. Wait a few hours before re-establishing a new connection.
  3. Connect Samsung Health to YAZIO and grant all permissions.

I still have connection issues

Our User Success Team will be happy to look closely at your problem. Please send us the following screenshots as part of your request:

  1. The overview of the Activities section in your YAZIO Diary.
  2. The overview of steps in Samsung Health, showing your burned calories associated with tracked steps (you can find this by clicking on the steps in Samsung Health).
  3. The overview of workouts in Samsung Health (Exercise > View history).
  4. Open the menu in Samsung Health and send us a screenshot from Settings > Data permissions > YAZIO.
  5. A screenshot of your YAZIO account settings (Profile > Settings > Account).

This way, we can address your request directly and take care of the issue as soon as possible.

We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO and Samsung Health.


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