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How can I connect my Apple Watch to YAZIO?

You can download YAZIO directly to your watch from the Watch App Store. After you successfully installed it, you can log in to YAZIO with your credentials and use it directly on your watch.

Please note: WatchOS 6 is required to do so. Please see Apple's information on when watchOS 6 will be released for your watch series!

 In order to transfer your activities and steps from the Watch to YAZIO, please connect YAZIO to Apple Health in the profile tab and enable the permissions accordingly. This will import your trainings to YAZIO:

  1. Switch to the Profile section  account-circle__1_.png
  2. Scroll down to the “Automatic Tracking” section. 
  3. Select Apple Health.
  4. Click on “Connect” and follow the instructions on the screen (you might have to log in to the third-party application or accept certain data sharing permissions). 
  5. Not long after, the steps and activities should appear in your Diary. 
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