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YAZIO and Google Fit

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Data sync overview

Google Fit to YAZIO:

  • Steps and workouts
  • Burned calories

🚫 Note: YAZIO does not currently send data to Google Fit.

Connection requirements

  • Download the Google Fit app and log in with your Google account
  • Activate the connection under Automatic Tracking in your YAZIO Profile.
  • Ensure to grant all permissions to enable automatic data transfer. The connection will be displayed in Google Fit in Profile > Settings > Manage connected apps.
  • If you want to track your steps with your smartphone, open Google Fit, select Profile > Settings > Tracking preferences, and activate "Track your activities".
  • You can remove the connection to YAZIO in Google Fit under Profile > Settings > Manage connected apps.

Syncing process

We receive the data from Google Fit directly. Your steps, activities, and burned calories are transferred from your Google Fit dashboard to YAZIO.

Google Fit estimates your burned calories by combining your activities, gender, height, and weight. Thus, this value estimates your total burned calories, including your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the calories you burn through activities.

Unfortunately, Google does not provide detailed information about which calories are part of the BMR and which were burned through activity. Also, having multiple third-party apps connected to Google Fit can impair data transfer.

Sync your steps and create an activity in Google Fit at the same time

The data concerning your steps is transferred immediately by way of automatic synchronization. Activities and workouts may be manually added to Google Fit at the same time, too.

Important: If the period of the manually added activities overlaps with the automatically tracked steps, the activities and their respective data automatically overwrite these steps.

In other words, this means that the automatically tracked steps are transferred into the activity created manually.


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