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Apple Health and YAZIO

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What requirements must be met to establish a connection?

In the development of YAZIO, we have also improved our synchronization between YAZIO and Apple Health. Overall, we would like to point out that the following requirements must be met:

  • iOS 12 or higher
  • YAZIO 7.2.0 or higher 
  • In your iPhone settings > Health > Data access > YAZIO: You have to enable all read and write permissions, especially for the active energy.

How does the data transfer work?

We transfer our calculated activity energy for steps to Apple Health. There, the data is compared with all stored entries, including data from other third-party providers. YAZIO then uses the activity energy calculated by Apple Health for the day. In this way, we prevent data from being transmitted incorrectly or twice.

Here is a quick example:

Apple Health records activity energy from 1 PM to 2 PM. YAZIO records activity energy from 1 PM to 1:15 PM and transfers this value to Apple Health. Apple Health recognizes that there are two values for the period 1 PM to 1:15 PM and subtracts them.

What does the value in the step card and the flame mean?

The value in the step card is the one YAZIO has calculated for your steps. The value in the flame appears when you connect YAZIO to Apple Health or a third-party provider and shows your synchronized activity energy.

If you only enter your steps manually or do not use other apps to record steps, the value under the flame always corresponds to the value in the step card.

However, these values may differ if you have several devices (e.g., your Apple Watch) or other apps connected to Apple Health and transfer these steps. Please see our instructions for Case 2 and Case 3.

Case 1: I only use my iPhone and have exclusively connected YAZIO with Apple Health.

The following information only applies if you do not use an Apple Watch or other fitness apps. If you do, please read our instructions for cases 2 and 3.

We first transfer our self-calculated activity energy to Apple Health. There, the data is compared with all stored entries and simultaneously recorded data is deducted. The result is then transferred to YAZIO and displayed as a flame. The activity calories (flame) displayed in YAZIO are identical to the value in Apple Health.

You can edit whether the YAZIO value or the Apple Health value is used for overlapping periods by prioritizing data in Apple Health, but this should generally not be necessary:
Browse > Activity > Active Energy > Data Sources & Access > Edit > Data Sources: You can edit the ranking of data sources via the three lines on the right.

Case 2: I only use YAZIO but also have my Apple Watch connected to Apple Health.

In this case, it may be that both the Apple Watch and your iPhone record steps. By default, Apple Health prioritizes the steps recorded by the Apple Watch.

You can edit the prioritization as follows:
Apple Health Browse > Activity > Active Energy > Data Sources & Access

Case 3: I use YAZIO, Apple Health, and another fitness tracker.

When using other fitness apps or pedometers, it is possible that they record data at the same time.

To avoid mistakes, please check the following:
Please select Browse > Activity > Active Energy > Data Sources & Access in Apple Health. Click on the other fitness tracker below Data Source, and select the data for today.

Now, there are two cases: 

  1. The additional fitness tracker writes data for the entire day (timestamp 23:59) as one entry. 
  2. The other fitness tracker enters the data with an exact time, e.g., 12:09. 

In the first case, you should activate the transfer of activity energy to Apple Health only for the fitness tracker or YAZIO. You can set this in your phone settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > YAZIO (or the other fitness tracker) > Allow YAZIO to write Data: Active Energy (disable & enable).

Please ensure that the reading permission is maintained.

In the second case, please adjust the prioritization of the data sources. YAZIO should be prioritized lower than the other fitness tracker to achieve a more accurate result. 

You can adjust the prioritization under Browse > Activity > Active Energy > Data Sources & Access > Edit > Data Sources: You can edit the ranking of data sources via the three lines on the right.

We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO. Should you have any more questions, please feel free to contact our support team and submit your request here.

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