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Garmin is not transferring data to YAZIO, what can I do?

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How can a complete data transfer from Garmin to YAZIO be established?

To ensure a complete transfer of your activities from Garmin to YAZIO, the following requirements must be met:

  1. There must be a connection between Garmin and YAZIO under the Automatic Tracking section of your YAZIO Profile area.
  2. The activity data to be transferred to YAZIO must be available in Garmin online dashboard. YAZIO only transfers data from this website, not from the Garmin Connect app.
  3. YAZIO must appear in the list of connected apps in your Garmin account settings.

I cannot select the connection to Garmin in YAZIO.

The connection to third-party apps is only available if you have a YAZIO PRO subscription.

If you purchased YAZIO PRO and still can't select the connection to Garmin, check in Profile > Settings > Account > Subscription to see if your account has been switched to PRO. If your account has not yet been switched to PRO, contact our support team and send us your YAZIO PRO subscription receipt. This way, we will be able to look into the issue in more detail.


There is no data in my Garmin online dashboard.

If there is no data in your Garmin online dashboard, check the connection between your Garmin app, your fitness tracker, and your Garmin account.

We can only sync data saved on this website.
Check if you have a second Garmin account to which your data may be transferring.


I don't have YAZIO listed as a connection in Garmin or some permissions are missing.

In this case, the connection between Garmin and YAZIO has not been fully established.
Please manually disconnect Garmin on your YAZIO app and reinstall YAZIO. Then reconnect YAZIO to Garmin. You should now be prompted to enter your Garmin user data. Make sure you are logged in with the correct Garmin account.

All three requirements are met but my data has not yet been transferred from Garmin.

If the connection between Garmin and YAZIO is successfully established but the data is still not transferred, manually disconnect YAZIO from Garmin (both in the Garmin online dashboard and in YAZIO), uninstall both apps, and establish a new connection after a few hours.

You will need to wait a few hours for the old connection data to be permanently erased. If this also doesn't work, check if you are logged in with your correct Garmin account.

I have tried everything, but the connection still does not work.

If there is still no data transmission, our support team will have to check the situation individually.

Send us a screenshot of your YAZIO Diary (where you can see your activities) and your Garmin online dashboard, where you can see your steps/workouts.

Also, check your Garmin account settings below to see if YAZIO appears as a connection there. Additionally, send us a screenshot of your YAZIO account settings (Profile > Settings > Account).

We'll be happy to look into the situation and take care of the issue as soon as you have contacted us.

We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO and Garmin.

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