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How can I print out my diary entries?

Currently it is not possible to print out your diary. However, as a PRO member you can export your diary entries as daily or monthly reports.

To do so, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your “Profile” account-circle__1_.png
  2. Open the “Settings” settings.png and choose „Data Export“
  3. Choose your desired type of report and time span

  • The daily report gives you information about the nutrients you entered on a specific date and contains a detailed list of all foods that you tracked on that day.
  • The monthly report gives you an overview of the nutritional information of each day over the course of the respective month.

After requesting the data export by selecting „Submit“, you will receive a CSV-file via email. You can open this file using any common word processing program. Usually Microsoft Excel is chosen by default but you can also use OpenOffice, for example, which is free.

Please note: Unfortunately some programs (e. g. Microsoft Excel) have problems displaying CSV-files correctly. Should you experience such an issue, please open a new Excel window and import the CSV-file using the „From Text“ function. Afterwards, please choose the correct format (Unicode) and the setting to separate the columns by commas. Lastly, format the columns as text. Now all data should be displayed correctly.

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