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How can I adjust the times for the fasting countdown?

Here is how to change the hours for fasting on your 16:8 countdown:

  1. Go to the profile section account-circle__1_.png.
  2. Scroll down to the fasting countdown and choose either 16:8 (early) or 16:8 late
  3. Use the +/- icon in order to adjust the times desired. 

Please note: In order to see the options for changing your fasting hours, you have to click on "Cancel" and then "Quit" for your current fasting countdown.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to change the fasting days for 5:2, 6:1 or 1:1 individually.
We already know about this feature request and will consider it for future development.

Please note: You can influence the fasting days depending on when you start the plan.


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