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Can I add new meal categories?

There are currently four categories in which you can log your foods: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. You can select an appropriate category according to the time of day. If you eat brunch, for example, you can choose whether you would like to add this to the “Breakfast” or “Lunch” category. If an item you would like to enter does not fall into one of the main meal categories, you can add it to the “Snacks” category.

It is currently not possible to add an additional category. If you would like to customize the current categories, you can do so as a PRO member. You can also adjust the order of various diary cards:

  1. Switch to the “Me” section of the app account-circle__1_.png.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select “Settings” settings.png.
  3. Select “Diary Settings” and click on “Customize & Arrange”.
  4. Tap on the tap right of your screen on the edit symbol pencil.png to change the name of the meal categories.
  5. To arrange the order of diary elements, touch and drag along the right side of the display to move the individual elements.
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