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Where can I log my drinks?

Would you like to record and evaluate your hydration?

In order to make sure you are getting enough liquid, we’ve built a Water Tracker into the app. You can use the Water Tracker not only for water but for other drinks as well. 

  1. Switch to your Diary book-minus.png
  2. Scroll down in your Diary page until you see the Water Tracker. 
  3. Click on one or more of the glasses in order to add them to your count. 

You can’t see your Water Tracker anymore? Then you may have hidden it: 

  1. Switch to the Profile area account-circle__1_.png.
  2. Go to Settings settings.png.
  3. Click on “Diary”. 
  4. Make sure that the option “Show Water Tracker” is enabled. 

If you just dismissed your Water Tracker “for today”, the only way to recover it on the same day is to reinstall YAZIO. Otherwise, it will automatically be back tomorrow. 

Would you also like to record the calories and nutritional values of your drinks? 

In case you are taking calorie drinks, you should enter them individually into your Diary. In particular, soft drinks contain many calories. 

In this way you would be able to choose a meal category that suits you best. As soon as you have a calorie drink for breakfast, it is recommended that you enter this under “Breakfast”. On the other hand, drinks that were drank during the day, you could enter under “Snacks”, for example. 

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