How can I cancel or see my PRO subscription? (Android)


  1. Go to the official Google Play site
  2. Log in to your Google Play account
  3. In the section "Subscriptions", select the subscription you want to view/cancel
  4. Deactivate the auto-renewing payment
  5. The subscription will expire at the end of the subscription period

Note: We cannot cancel your PRO subscription for you. Google does not give us access to your payment data. Please also note that uninstalling the app or deleting your user account will not automatically end your PRO subscription. You must cancel the subscription yourself in your Google Play account (as described above).

I'm a PRO, but I cannot find any subscription!

If you cannot see any subscription for YAZIO PRO in your Google Play account,  you either subscribed through iTunes or you do not have a PRO subscription. However, if you are still PRO in the app, you may have an old PRO account without active auto renewing.

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