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The content of the YAZIO Calorie Counter is subject to the German intellectual property and ancillary copyright law. Any use not sanctioned by German copyright law requires the prior written consent by the provider or by the respective owner of the rights. In particular, this applies for reproduction, editing, translation, storage, and processing, as well as the reproduction of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and the rights of third parties are thereby identified as such. The unauthorized reproduction of the YAZIO Calorie Counter, specific content or entire pages is not permitted and is considered a punishable act. All brand names, trademarks, and miscellaneous registered trademarks are the property of their rightful holders and serve solely a descriptive purpose within the context of internet services.

We do not accept any responsibility for the non-obsolete nature, correctness, completeness, or quality of the information provided. We would like to emphasize that information is always based on the current state of scientific knowledge under consideration of the latest findings. We do not bear the risk of negative effects in connection with individual, psychological, and health-related particularities displayed by the recipient of the information as well as our services, which were previously not apparent and which resulted in undesirable consequences in direct relation with provided information and services. In such instances, any claim whatsoever, raised against us and those contracted by us for the fulfillment of our contractual obligations, is therefore baseless. In addition, the recipient of information and services should always consider a physician’s assessment, in which they establish the individual suitability of the assorted information and services. The use of information and services does not equal medical treatment and does not replace the advice of a health professional. If necessary, the recipient of information and services agrees to see a doctor or seek medical advice in order to assess the individual health benefits of the assorted information and services based on an individual examination. This also applies for indications of likely negative effects from provided information and services. Hence, we do not assume liability for any damages, regardless of their nature, ensuing from the use or non-use of provided information and services.

Insofar as YAZIO refers to other apps or websites, such information has been verified beforehand with respect to any rights infringements. However, the content of other apps or websites can change. In the case that respective sites would violate current law, we ask that the user brings this to our attention, so that the link can be removed. The operators of the external sites are exclusively responsible for the contents. YAZIO can only be held accountable for any possible copyright infringements through contents provided by registered users to the point where this was communicated and there was ample opportunity to remove the objected content. The evaluation and comparison of food products and the entirety of services offered are carried out automatically and can only provide guidelines for a healthy nutrition or the quality of individual foods.

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