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Steps from Samsung Health are being counted wrongly or twice

The steps that are synced between YAZIO and Samsung Health are wrong or the steps are being calculated twice? This can have various reasons:

  1. Besides the Samsung Health app you also use a Samsung smartwatch or a Samsung fitness tracker. In this case both the app and the watch or the wristband send your steps to YAZIO. If this happens you have to adjust the data source as follows:
  • Open the Step counter in the Samsung Health app.
  • Select the connected device which you want to disable (e.g. mobile phone).
  • Pause the Samsung Health Step counter for the respective device.
  • If necessary, enable displaying the steps only via one device (e.g. watch or wristband)
  1. You've already synced steps via another third-party service today (e.g. Google Fit)? In this case please check if your steps are being imported correctly on the next day.

If you still get wrong results, please send an email to help@yazio.com.

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