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Samsung Health and YAZIO

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Which data are being synced between YAZIO and Samsung Health?

The following data are sent from YAZIO to Samsung Health:

  • Tracked foods
  • Nutritional information

The following data are sent from Samsung Health to YAZIO (depending on the permission):

  • Activities
  • Workouts
  • Various body values (various)

What are the requirements for a connection between YAZIO and Samsung Health to be established?

  • A direct connection to Samsung Health can only be established with a YAZIO PRO subscription.
  • To establish a connection, you need the Samsung Health app.
    1. First, please install the latest version of Samsung Health.
    2. Open the Samsung Health app (this requires a sim card) and register an account.
    3. Connect Samsung Health and YAZIO under the ”Automatic Tracking” section of your YAZIO Profile.
    4. Make sure that the activity data that needs to be transferred to YAZIO is available in Samsung Health.
    5. Grant all permissions to YAZIO in your Samsung Health app via Menu > Settings > Data permissions > YAZIO.
  • In exceptional cases, you may need to restart your apps and devices.

How are the activities and steps from Samsung Health displayed in YAZIO?

Unfortunately, Samsung Health has changed the way third-party apps process its data. As a result, we don't receive a total of calories burned through activities but instead calculate the burned calories as follows:

The calories in your step counter in YAZIO should be the same as those shown in S-Health in Steps > Calories burnt. In case steps or calories are missing in the step counter in YAZIO, these might be listed in the “Activities” section as separate activities. This helps avoid steps from activities being counted twice.

The total calories from activities below the step counter in YAZIO should be the same as the sum of the calories burned through exercise in S-Health, which you can see in "Exercise" > "View history".

YAZIO uses these two values to calculate your total burned calories. Since we don't have access to the total value of active energy calculated by S-Health, there can be slight discrepancies between YAZIO and S-Health.

Are steps that are part of your workouts counted twice?

This problem can occur if Samsung Health doesn’t associate an activity with a specific number of steps. In such a case, we, unfortunately, cannot correctly process this value. If these particular activities are automatically tracked as workouts, it can help to deactivate this feature in Samsung Health (Settings > Auto detect workouts).

Should this not solve the problem, we kindly ask you to contact Samsung Health's customer support. Unfortunately, do not receive any more detailed data.

I’m having trouble with the data transfer between YAZIO and Samsung Health.

Your Samsung Health Dashboard doesn’t show any data?

If no data is displayed in your Samsung Health dashboard, please check the connection between the Samsung Health app and your fitness tracker. YAZIO can only receive data that is available in the Samsung Health app.

Additionally, YAZIO always transfers "All Steps". Therefore, please make sure that you have selected "All steps" in Samsung Health under Steps > Three dots in the upper right corner > Selecting the step data to be displayed > "All steps".

You don't have YAZIO listed as a connection in Samsung Health, or some permissions are missing.

In this case, the connection between Samsung Health and YAZIO has not been successfully established. Please manually disconnect Samsung Health and YAZIO, reinstall YAZIO and reconnect the apps afterwards.

You should now receive a request from YAZIO concerning your Samsung Health data. Please select “All permissions” here.

All requirements are met, but your data still hasn’t been transferred.

If the data transfer does not work properly even though the connection between Samsung Health and YAZIO has been established successfully and all permissions have been granted, please manually remove the connection between the two apps (both in Samsung Health and in YAZIO), delete and reinstall both apps and reconnect them.

Please keep in mind that it is necessary to wait a couple of hours to make sure that all old data is deleted.

You have tried everything, but the connection is still not working.

If the data transfer still does not work, our support team will be happy to take a closer look. Please send us the following screenshots as part of your request:

  • The overview of your calories and the orange step counter from your YAZIO Diary.
  • The overview of steps in Samsung Health showing your burned calories associated with tracked steps (you can find this overview by clicking on the steps in Samsung Health).
  • The overview of workouts in S-Health (Exercise > View history).
  • Additionally, please open the menu in Samsung Health and go to Settings > Data permissions > YAZIO to check if all permissions have been granted. A screenshot of these settings would be helpful, too.
  • Finally, it would be great if you sent us a screenshot of your YAZIO account settings, which you can find in YAZIO > Profile > Settings > Account.

With the help of these screenshots, we’ll be able to take a closer look at your account and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We hope that you were able to find answers to all your questions and wish you a great journey with YAZIO and Samsung Health.



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